How to Download Mega888 in Malaysia from Official Link?

Mega 8888 is a popular game in Malaysia which is played the most among the people. This game is so popular in the Asia region that everyone waits desperately to play this game. This is an online casino game which has also been verified in the Toto Site, which means that this game is not a scam in any way.

And there are so many people playing this game because this game gives maximum free credits among the people. And this game will give you such free credits that you will not even be able to imagine. And once you play this game, you will probably never be able to get rid of this game. But to play this game, it is necessary to download this game and there are many fake links of this game online.

You will find the details of all these problems in this article. So stay tuned till the end of this article as our players stay with our game.

How to download Mega888 in Malaysia?

There are many such links online where after adding the name of some other website, there is some other kind of link inside the website, where if you enter some of your personal information then it gets leaked.

And you know that this game is a very popular game, so many scammers are giving their links online in the name of this games.

You do not need to worry anymore about this because we are now taking a step regarding this, you will get the official link of this game right here.

Mega888 Official Link in Malaysia

If you want to open your account in this game, then you will enter the game through this link because if you enter this game through any third party link, you may possibly enter a fake website. To play this game, you will have to enter it through its official link only. If you enter through any third party link, then this game will not work for you.

How to get Free Credit in Mega888 in Malaysia?

You have downloaded this game and also opened an account in this game. And when you opened your account to play games, you might have noticed that you have already received a bonus of 150 percent.

Perhaps you might be seeing something like this for the first time and wondering in your mind what it is. So let us tell you that now whenever you open an account to play in this game, you will get a welcome bonus of 150 percent.

Perhaps there is no other game in the world which gives such a percentage of welcome bonus in the opening itself. And this is just the beginning of Free Credit. Only through Free Credit you will be able to earn so much money that you cannot even imagine. Not only this, in this game you will also get the option of Birthday Celebrate Bonus. After opening the account, if you input your birthday date, you will get a birthday celebration bonus on your birthday.

You may have never heard of this type of bonus. But this type of bonus has been getting to our Mega888 players ever since they have been playing the game. And not only this, you keep getting more bonuses in this game like promotion bonus or if you earn more while playing the game, then you will get a different kind of bonus for that too.

If you refer any of your friends to play this game, if he opens an in-game account using the link given by you, then you will also get a commission for it. Not only this, along with this you will also get a bonus of daily reload. If you reload this game every day, you will get a bonus for that too.

Yes, but you can avail this bonus of this game only once in per day.


This game can probably change your life. If you want to bring money into your life, then there is no better option than this game. Along with the Free Credits of this game, you can earn a lot of price money by playing this game. This game will probably give you that moment in your life that you probably waited all your life.

Because in this game you will get so much Free Credit that you will never be able to earn it by playing any other game. And to play this game, you do not even need third party links. You can go to the game from the link given in this article and open an account by going to the game.

So don’t wait any more and open your account in this game as soon as possible by going to the link given in this article and enjoy the game.

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