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APK Andriod

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Iphone 5s+

Before proceeding with the download, we would like to bring your attention to the fact that the provided link initiates the download from the website https://mega888bot.work/. It is important to exercise caution and ensure that you trust the source before proceeding with the download Here.

  • Player Test ID

Username: test1 - test9999 Password: 1234

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About 918Kiss Casino

JudiBot is an online gambling platform that is promoting and providing gamblers an option to gamble without having the need to step into a casino anymore. Particularly, this is where the partnership began between JudiBot and 918Kiss Casino. During the pandemic , with guidelines of maintaining distance and even seeing most of the places are under curfew , 918Kiss Casino comes to play. As one of the leading brands in South East Asia , upon the pandemic hit , a lot of business has been closing down , but not 918Kiss. Importantly, as one of the leading brands that offer online gambling , 918Kiss Casino is offering games like slots game , casino game and even offline table game. 

Why 918Kiss Casino Bot ?

There are few reasons why one should add JudiBot as their provider for 918Kiss as their choices for gambling.

    • Casino Bot via Telegram

    • Bot that respond to commands menu

    • Deposit & Withdrawal by just pressing the commands

    • Encryption Safe

Why JudiBot Casino ?

JudiBot is one of the official partners that promote safe gambling during the pandemic season as the covid-19 are spreading globally. By promoting safe gambling , gamblers do not need to step their feet into the casino. Furthermore, JudiBot is aiming to be one of the major online casino platforms across South East Asia. Lastly, do checkout more reason you should choose JudiBot as one of your choice to gamble :-

    • User friendly platform via Telegram Bot

    • Safe & Trusted brand

    • 24/7 Customer Service

    • Accumulated more than 180,000 members in 2 years

Is 918Kiss safe to play?

Definitely safe, this game has been encrypted with a 128-bit security system. Players data is guaranteed to be stored securely on the server. In other words, players transactions will also be kept secret by JudiBot.

Does 918kiss provide a Test ID ?

Generally, 918kiss does have TEST ID. However do take note that the TEST ID is subject to first come first serve every 24 hour. Hence, players need to try and login until there’s test credit inside.

Username : test1 – test9999

Password  : 1234

Can the Test ID credit be withdrawn ?

Technically no, the Test ID serves as a purpose for players or the public to try out 918kiss games before making an actual deposit to place your bets. To play with cash and having the benefit to enjoy the winnings , kindly contact representative below.

How to register for 918Kiss via JudiBot Casino

Players can search for JudiBot MY via telegram search bar or just simply click here!

How to Deposit 918Kiss via JudiBot 

For instance, players may interact with JudiBot by just pressing the deposit command for the banking details and accepts various alternative funds for deposit or top up. Funds can be transferred via Instant transfer. Moreover, online interbank transfers are easy and free of charge makes transactions today easier and faster. Alternatively, funds can be made through cash deposit machines.


How to Withdraw 918Kiss via JudiBot 

For instance, players may interact with JudiBot by just pressing the withdraw command. However, do make sure the information for the banking details for receiving funds is correct. Additionally, JudiBot does not collect tips and does not charge for withdrawal.

How to download 918Kiss via JudiBot 

Generally players can get the download link via JudiBot Casino by pressing the download commands. Alternatively, click here to download the game.


Should your download not started , click here to download.

Is there any charges for downloading 918Kiss ?

Certainly not, there isn’t any charges for downloading the apps.  

Can 918kiss be play on desktop or laptop ?

Yes , with modern technology, there’s barely much restriction to every solution. As an example, members can enjoy their gambling experience through desktop or laptop as well.
For example, players can install an android emulator on the desktop or laptop. Therefore , the desktop or laptop will operate just like an android phone / tablet. In short, these are the list we recommend for android emulator :-

– BlueStacks

– Nox Player

– MEmuPlay

– Ko Player (AKA CentOS)

– Genymotion

– Android Studio

– ARChon

– Bliss OS

How to install 918kiss iOS ?

Firstly, once downloaded the apps there’s few more steps to be done before members able to start placing your bets on 918kiss. 

Step 1: Open Settings

Step 2: General

Step 3: Device Management

Step 4: Select ‘XXXX ‘ 

Step 5: Trust ‘XXXX’ And Trust Again

“XXXX” stands for item display when entering Device Management.

How many games does 918Kiss Casino have ?

918Kiss online casino offers mainly slot games, In addition , 918Kiss Casino does offer live dealer games as well. Not to mention, offline table games such as AI blackjack and baccarat included too.


What OS does 918Kiss support ?

918Kiss Online Casino supports two of the major OS in the market which is Android and iOS. With the compatibility, rest assured players are able to enjoy the service provided by 918Kiss via JudiBot.

Will 918Kiss ever hold a maintenance session ?

Yes , 918Kiss does have a maintenance routine. To clarify, players’ game credits are safe in case there’s a maintenance period. Therefore, JudiBot plays an important  role as JudiBot will update players for the maintenance schedule if there’s any.

How to become a 918Kiss Agent ?

Good News, players or the public are able to become 918Kiss agents by using the JudiBot system. Surely who does not want to earn a passive or extra cash by simply referring their friends or acquaintances to enjoy a much safer gambling environment and experience. Simply head over to JudiBot MY, select or press commands /agent to know more


What 918Kiss game is the best ?

There’s no secret one of the best payout games available out there today in the market is slot games. In addition, the 918Kiss slots game does offer a chance to win a jackpot as well.

Tips & Trick

1. Play the game that you are familiar with and avoid putting large amounts of bets on a game you barely know or have never tried before.

2. Login your game id and always play your slot game with a high random value (Above 10 000) to increase your chances of winning and getting bonuses significantly.

3. When playing card games, go for live card games instead of virtual card games. Join and play card games with real players together have a higher chance of being more random than virtual card games where you play solo and against the system (AI).

4. Always divide , manage your cash and do not try to put everything into a single deposit. You can increase your chances of winning when you divide your cash as the game will read your cash flow and give you a better chance of winning.

5. Never attempt to throw big bets or all-in on a single round, that would eat up your bankroll within less than 5 spins or throws. Manage your cash flow and last long to get the most out of your games and last longer during game-play.

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